[Sad news] Octopus Ravio, who made all the results of the game against the World Cup Japan a match, will be shipped

Around the football World Cup (World Cup) Russian tournament, Mizudako "Rabio Kimi" of the Hokkaido Kodaira (Odori) town has made all the predictions of Japan's national team's first league three matches and is calling out a topic. Rabio is already shipped and the final tournament is scheduled to be crowned with newly captured octopus, "I want the second Ravio to give all the games the best and Japan wins the championship" * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180629-00000046-mai-soci 【Movie】 Senegal and Japan supporters enjoying excitement with a one piece OP after the game w All of the reasons why Japanese systems and home appliances became prime to function and it was condensed here. When Japan took an offside trap, a lot of foreigners were murmuring captain tsubasa www 【Football World Cup】 Russian state TV "Do not support Japan anymore" [Quick News] Iniesta, agreed with Vissel Kobe! A super big game comes to the J league! !
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