The city is cold → mistakes. It is not excessive interference to people who are not friendly to the city. It will be gentle if it gets friends, but it will not be attacked even if you are not friends

1 : Natsui · Festa · Marina 2018/06/21 (Thursday) 19 : 46: 04 ID: natsui_festa × Urban is cold ◯ Only urban people are not overly interfering with people who are not friendly. Even if they get along with each other, they are not attacked even if they are not friends. Because country people are warm, they go to the countryside tired of human relations ◯ excessive interference, if they do not mind, they attack with groups, If you do not make perfection instantly death and there are many troubles of human relations in reverse - Natsui, Festa, Marina (@ natsui_festa) June 21, 2018 Related article document.write('' + ''); Look at the end of children who were raised by overly interfering mother & indifferent father I bought a box lunch at a convenience store and it got into trouble. Should I put a complaint? I'm tired from the rainbow trout at work → I finally got back to my favorite game → I was scolded when I told the guy from the countryside that "And one more train in one hour?" Someone who was doing Soshage was terminated service
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