“Information fee is necessary because teaching lottery number of winning number”, three people arrest damage due to fraud to transfer 1 million yen to more than 130 million yen

The police investigation division 2 and the Kagoshima prefectural police said that he was lying on the phone by telling the number of the winning number of Lot 6 and cheating cash, police said Kenta Kawashima, 9, unemployed in Tokyo Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo on suspicion of fraud 31) arrested three people. Arrest is on 18th. According to the Investigation 2 Division, the three were members of the fraud group, and Kawashima took over the "kenko" to call. It seems that he has cheated more than 130 million yen in total, 40 cases nationwide from October last year to June this year. I am chasing after seeing that there are more than ten members involved. On the 18th, the same department confiscated a roster of about 20,000 people written as mobile phones and "good lucky purchasers" from one room of apartment located in Nishitokyo city where the group was based. The suspected arrest went on a phone call with a female employee in his 50s living in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, in mid-June this year, "I need an information fee because I teach Lotto 6's winning number," suspected arresting a million yen . * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/20180619/tro18061912360005-n1.html Former member of the idol group "Morning Musume." Mr. Kaoru Akio, suspected of Disney member rights fraud Is there an old manga whose works are likely to be animated? Client "Because the staff does not come to work and it will not work, let me go forced to work." Wai " A 90-year-old grandmother will be deprived of 47.5 million yen of all property to the fraud group 【There? 】 Korean "NHK slashed as I report irresponsibly," NHK "I'm not lying, I'm reporting so much ..."
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