Yuzuki-chan “If the common sense of the world breaks, Abe’s thrill and cowardice become less noticeable”

Lamenting the way the current media is, words frequently said to acquaintances of same industry. "Do you still think that the press is justice? Do not become more adults" I think that it is a remark of thinking about me. Do not make it more casually, it's a story. If you tell an acquaintance who is not your business, politics is strange, "That's why, as long as we move, the flow of the world does not change, you will become even more adults." It is said that. What is an adult? Who is an adult, who is wound on a long thing, and who lives bluntly in it? A person who reads the surrounding air, never goes around so as not to lose? If you are an adult, you may have a family you feed, and it can not be said that its way of living is bad. However, I can not respect my respect. If I were a child, I do not need to ask such adults. For example, it is impossible to kill people and thieves now. However, I think that few adults who can properly answer what to do, to defend themselves with people as stepping stones, to win the rules by cowardly means, to screw up the rules. Or, it is better that the surviving is justice, it is worse to be extinguished, winning will win even if you scold, so it may be that the number of adults who answered with the heart breaking up is increasing. Even a murderer may become "bad because it is balanced". Even if I go to war and come back home with my physical and mental abilities, "Did you really kill the man with Maji? (I ordered) but I have not done so, so I'm safe" You are being told so badly. "It's already an adult, it's your own judgment." "The tyranny, concealment, disposal, false answer.The administration that caused such malicious acts is the first time in the history of the Abe administration, why such a malicious act is caused under your regime why such a malicious act Is it? " This is a question that the Communist Party's Chairman Shii tossed to Prime Minister Abe during the party leaders' debate on May 30. I also wanted to know the answer. But Abe did not answer that question. I made a question. Shiii once again heard the same thing, but he did not answer. Because Abe did not answer, Mr. Shii was answering in return. "The public knows everything, I know why it's done, Prime Minister, to protect you." So, because the top is dumb and cowardly, the air that it is OK to follow it will spread to the world. Oh, maybe it will protect that person. If the common sense of the world breaks, his person's crawling and cowardice will become less prominent. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20180613-00000007-sasahi-pol Wainitto, caught cheering up to spam mail [Stability] Everyone's Yuzuki, sense of stability as usual. [Good news] To elderly people problem, solution Sakagami Shinobu, it was a sunny aura. Atsushi Rombo "Penalty for minors who drink alcohol by falsifying their age"
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