Opposition party “Concentrate deliberations on US-North Korea talks, because we pursue Morocco!”

Diet: Ambushing water from the US, opposition to pursue Morocco, opposition party extension view Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan's chairman Kiyomi Tsujimoto told the Liberal Democratic Party, Hiroyuki Moriyama, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, within the National Assembly and requested the House of Representatives Budget Committee to conduct intensive deliberations in response to the US-North Korean summit meeting. We are planning to pursue the problems of school corporations "Moriho Gakuen" and "Takumi Gakuen" by priming diplomacy. Mr. Moriyama did not respond, but it is difficult to continue to refuse because it is impossible for the government to extend the duration of about 20 days in order to establish a bill emphasized by the government and the ruling party. The opposition parties including the Constitutional Millennium Democratic Party and the opposition parties agreed to hold a meeting of the Finance and Finance Committee to discuss the Mori friends issue in addition to the budget committee, After talks with Moriyama, Mr. Tsujimoto said, "Diplomacy can not proceed unless it regains domestic credibility.The discussion is necessary for two tracks on how to work out foreign affairs and foreign affairs policy." Told * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://mainichi.jp/articles/20180614/k00/00m/010/143000c Shigeru Masashi "Abe will not escape from Morikeke! I'm sorry if I am sorry (to say)!" Liberal Democratic Party, Moriyama criticizing the opposition parliamentary boycott Constitutional Kiyomi-chan "Although I told you to give up, this is the promise break by the LDP!" [Image] Why the opposition party could not stop Morikeke despite destroying its body Mysteries are clarified North Korea again criticizes the US-Korean military exercise
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