“Left hand Insta” by Chihara Junior Its fans as well as “fans of sense”

Comedian entertainer Chihara Junior started Instagram from this month, but why is the content "left-handed instant". It is posted around the illustration that he painted with the left hand, but a surprised voice is raised from the follower on the unique theme and painting power. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source http://www.techinsight.jp/2018/06/negishi 06120106.html 【Menhera】 suddenly came from LINE former Kano who broke up seven years ago wwwww The drawing power of Yuusuke Murata who is doing drawing of Wanpanman and eye shield is too bad The reaction of cartoonists to Akira Toriyama wwwwwwww Professor Kawashima of the brain train "deviation value will rise by 10 if we abandon smaho" Mr. Takasu, Miyakawa-kun of Japan Collaboration with financial support "We promise full support"
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