I “cigarette yumemi w” brother “Can I lend you a lighter?”

1 : or less,? VIP will be sent from Channel # 2018/6/13 (Wed) 08: 22: 44.250 ID: 4fAEnGyTd.net I "Oh, that's good" Older brother "Damo" I "Let's write, w?" Older brother "No, it is good (laugh) I will borrow." I "I have two, I will give you w" Older brother "No, it's okay (lol) I bruised" I "..." Shunsu Results of 5 people went to Disney w "I can not save money" Male scream of life insurance ← No, is it in the hand ...? It is the law of repelling an encounter kitchen. Please reference Golden legend · A monthly wish list by Hamaguchi Yuu with 10,000 yen per month life I "Pizza L size half price, please ask or wwww"
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