Although the hospitality industry but newcomers to complaints ridiculous remarks to customers

1 : or less,? VIP will be sent from Chanel 2018/06 / 13 (Wed) 01: 06: 43.484 ID: Clerks and customers at the cafe are feeling at home Cafe A woman's customer got a complaint to the new staff as saying "How old are you? Are you getting married?" Or asking them to be excited with other customers . The word of apology said the newcomer to the female customer said, "I'm sorry, I did not regard the 50-year-old as a woman and I was lacking consideration" Guest bukigure www Is the noise playing by children children? Claims are repeated in kindergartens, elementary schools, parks, etc. April 2, I "I am joining mid-way from today, I am !! I was doing NEET !!" Boss "Waah hang in there!" I did something with a convenience store clerk, how did such a rude shop clerk grow up? I have lost 13 bytes, but I do not know what is wrong Mr. Woman, speaking outrageously against blind pet dogs and burning up
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