Sentokun free of charge, hurry! !

About Nara prefecture's mascot character "Shinn kun" Governor Shigeru Arai announced on February 13 that it will charge a license fee for commercial use of illustration. Eliminate traditional conditions of paying 3% of production sales and advertisement production costs. The aim is to start introduction in August with the aim of increasing the exposure of Shimon-kun whose popularity is sluggish and raising the bottom. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source 【NASA】 Mars, complete artifacts are discovered Wikipedia of the main character of a different world smartphone wwwwwww Ltd. neat burns bragging because I bought Zenith watch www (with image) ZOZOTOWN "You may decide on postage self-service w" Kansai people "0 yen with eh? W ZOZO" ... " "That person seems to have been arrested" Molten eradication poster Criminal rush to get rid of it
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