President “6.12 Consensus is a world historical incident, a great victory by the United States and North and South, progress of the people of the world”

Korea's President Moon Jae-in said, "The 6/12 Sentosa Agreement will be recorded as a world historical incident that ended the last Cold War on the planet, the great victory the United States and the North and South cited together Progress of peoples aspiring to peace " "President Trump and Kim Jung-eun, chairperson of Kim Jung-eun, who did not settle down on old-fashioned reality, did not boldly choose new changes, will send great compliments to the courage and resolutions of the two leaders" I will bless and welcome the success of the historic US-North Korea talks with a hot feeling. " * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source 【Paper News】 Agreed to match North Korea's standard time (now UTC + 8: 30) to the same Japan Standard Time (+ 9: 00) as Korea U.S. major newspaper "Do not leave sentence Tora to mediate with North Korea" Wai "The Last Scene of Toy Story 3 I Can not Stop ... The Best Way to End" Pixar "4 Make It" Tramp President picks up the abduction issue at the US-North Korea talks Iran, North Korea warns "Do not trust President Trump"
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