Police “Is it your husband?” Wife “Hi … Uoo …” Cremation ~ A year later ~ Husband “I’m home!”

According to the announcement, in June last year, a man of unconscious mind was found in the Edogawa of Katsushika Ward and death was confirmed at the destination hospital. Kameari station talked with his wife and his relatives, "It is no doubt" because his body and age were similar to a man in his 40s in Chiba Prefecture, where the missing notification came out. In early May this year, a man who was supposed to have died went home. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source http://sp.yomiuri.co.jp/national/20180613-OYT1T50015.html 【Shinkansen incident】 Mr. Sunday, I will do it. Conditions for being born again by human beings too deep after wounding wwwwwwww Securities sales "Husband, this stock is recommended!" Wai "How many shares do you have that stock?" As a topic that the Japanese national football team's shoot practice is too bad "Manga village" logo manga "Golden Kamui", sold without permission at Amazon Kindle store → Shueisha "urgent response"
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