Ei Eiichiro Oda, “ONE PIECE” Cover cover with Mr. Shoichi Yokoi as a story

"ONE PIECE" In the folding back part of the cover cover of 89 volumes, the author's comment is attached to the portrait that a men in military uniforms salute. Mr. Oda introduced as a common event at the dining table that fried food is the last one to stay because it was served in a large plate. Because of this state, he named the fried "Yokoi sergeant". Explain that it is used like "I have left Yokoi Sergeant! Someone finished the war!". * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://news.biglobe.ne.jp/entertainment/0613/blnews_180613_4310094192.html 【Good news】 One Piece, Tutor books We set a new record following annual sales for 10 consecutive years 【One Piece】 Wai Kun "I understand the fact that Shanks were armored by the Kaio king" Cooking disgusting when making it www www www One piece red hair pirates, weak NHK, reporting as if Yamaguchi survived alone in the accident www
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