[Breaking news] Many injured people riding a pedestrian riding a sidewalk in Shinjuku

71 : 2018/06/12 (Tue) 09: 51: 45.83 ID: T + kTuxkB0.net BE: 844481327 - PLT (12345) Is it also a pedal step mistake? A passenger car hit 6 pedestrians at the intersection near Okubo 3-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo around 8:35 am on 12th. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, two of them are seriously injured, but neither has a separate clause in their lives. Shinjuku station arrested a man who was driving a car (52) on suspicion of violating the law of driving and killing a car (accidental driving flaw). The man said that he said he was mistakenly stepping on the brake and the accelerator when thinking of stopping the red light. The site is about 500 meters south of JR Takadanobaba Station, and there are Toyama Park in the vicinity. https://www.asahi.com/amp/articles/ASL6D3199L6DUTIL009.html 【Image】 Is it time to speed up this kind of time? Stop and slow down? The girls are "heavily sanded" and they are very high. 51-year-old self-asserted unattended man arrested with assault. Lady in a nursery school lose consciousness immediately after putting a mouth on a PET bottle Medium 3 Running away "You were red" → Repair the car on the same day → Document the former town council who tried to pass the envelope of 100,000 entrants to his father 【Breaking News】 Car waste plunges into the supermarket of Gunma and more than ten people are injured
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