Shohei Otani, list of disabled people

Angel announced on February 8 (Japan time 9th), Shohei Otani pitcher will be put into the list of disabled people by damage of the medial ligament of the right elbow medial collateral. According to the team, he was diagnosed by Steve Yun in Los Angeles on 7th (the same day 8th) and received platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment and stem cell injection. After three weeks the condition of the affected part will be checked again, and then the treatment policy will be strengthened. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source 【Breaking News】 Shohei Otani, aiming for recovery with PRP treatment and stem cell injection with a list of disabled people with right elbow ligament injury Possibility of China's space station "Amenomi No. 1" falling into Tokyo uncontrollably Kobayashi Mao, current treatment policy wwwww [Good news] Kiyohara, it seems okay now 【Gou saint】 Mr. Dido Drinko, a free rental umbrella on a vending machine I feel "buy" ___ ___ 0
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