Kinkon Nishino, donation for repaying 300 million yen of debts ← Is this all right?

Nishino put up a plan to repay his own debt at the new show release of "SHOWROOM" held on the 4th, but "Although repayment of debts is a planning program, "It will be a gochi" for the yen. " "There is a life that can be saved with only 100 yen, 3 million people should donate 100 yen at a time. For now tentatively, please share this blog absolutely" Try dead seriously! I pleaded with my eyes. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source A request for hospitalization expenses of the father who was taken care of was mailed from the hospital Kinkon Nishino publishes "One Step to End Publication Breakdown" Male staff in Umi-machi, Fukuoka Prefecture, was charged with disciplinary dismissal on suspicion of losing 9 million yen in pachinko Here's a new song from DA PUMP belonging to AVEX wwwww 【Vivid】 Kokubu Taichi, apologize while tearing "I am sorry" Tatsuya Yamaguchi Member document delivery inspection
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