Mr. Ishihisa “Many of the people are unreliable”

Mr. Ishihisa Liberal Democratic Party Secretary Shigefumi Shigemoto announced to reporters in Tottori on the 3rd, "The (Cabinet) support rate is less than unsupported about the current situation of the Abe administration, as to whether the Prime Minister can trust He said that a considerable number of citizens can not be trusted, and everyone knows that this situation is not good. " * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source [Breaking news] Prime Minister Abe 44% Ishihara 18% Koizumi 15% 【Quick News】 Mainichi Shimbun public opinion survey Abe cabinet approval rate 31% (+ 1) After all it will rise Mr. Konishi Upper House member who abused from the SDF officer, Yagi at the plenary session. I moved to Tottori from Wai and Fukui and lived there for 3 years ... Masuzoe san "Is not Prime Minister Abe the most pleased in Japan big American football issue?"
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