【Sad news】 Anime interim management ruling Narration of Tonegawa is decided by Jay Kabila

1 : 2018/06/01 (Friday) 04: 38: 21.82 ID: FufSO7xv0.net Talent's Kawahira Kiyohide knows that he will narrate the TV animation version (Nippon TV) of the spin-off "Interim Management Record Tonegawa" of popular manga Fumihisa Nobuyuki's popular manga. "Genius who flew into the darkness legendary Akagi in the dark", voice actor Toru Furuya, "Adversity unrequited kaiji" and voice actor Tomohiko Tachiki and "Fukumoto Anime" narrated were attracted attention every time, this time also calling up a hot topic That's it. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://mantan-web.jp/amp/article/20180531dog00m200007000c.html We will announce the overseas drama madgirls of Waihe Sufuri, the most recommended drama Yoiko Hamaguchi Yu & Minami Aina got married! Four years from association 【Legal】 Mr. Rebecca with a dubbed version of a foreign movie "Because the recognition of voice actors does not go beyond celebrities" If you press the accelerator pedal of a car to make it sound "accelerator!" You will reduce the mistake accident? wwwww [Angel] Together, Natural makeup is cute too!
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