【Settlement by Moriyama】 Osaka District Prosecutors ‘Disposal cost of 800 million yen can not be said to be excessive’ A discount was reasonable.

Tampering was conducted in February - April 17, 17, when Mr. Sagawa was Director General of Finance Ministry of Finance, with 14 decision documents concerning state-owned land transactions. Words such as "specialty of this case" and the statement about Prime Minister Abe's Prime Minister were deleted. The Special Prosecutors' Department seems to have decided not to prosecute Mr. Sagawa et al. As tampering has been limited to deletion of the description and it can not be said that the purpose and content of the contract have been changed from the root. Even though it sought to sell the state land, there was also an intention to avoid claiming damages from the school on the background of the discount as well as judging that the cost of removing the garbage of about 800 million yen can not be said to be excessive , It seems to have concluded that the purpose of damaging the country can not be certified. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO31178630Q8A530C1AC8000/ 【Quick News】 Ministry of Defense, it has become apparent that it had been tampered with seriously If Soichiro-chan, the support rate falls below 30%, Mr. Akie's witness's summons are inevitable! Abe will resign! [Official document falsification] Mr. Sagawa, I can not ask false creation to official posting 【Witch trial】 Kiyomi-chan "Sagawa-san, do your best!" → "The public's testimony is a betrayal!" Morihito problem, the identity of the new masterpiece turned out
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