【Smile point】 Yen music “Shinzo Abe, it was said that you do not have to listen to the voice of the people from Mr. Trump,” Kinukyu fan 「Noya ー ー ー ー, when will the US base base disappear from Okinawa? . “

1 : Taro Ishihira 2018/05/27 (Sunday) 18 : 07: 32 ID: liyonyon When I was watching the "smile point" after a long time at home TV, I wrote that "Shinzo Abe, I was taught by a trumpet that I do not have to listen to the public's voice", "When will the US military base in Okinawa go?" , I was surprised at the fact that criticism of biased politics such as the speech of the Social Democratic Party pops out. My favorite lol, did it fall to such a degree? - Taro Ishira (@ liyonyon) May 27, 2018 http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Related article document.write('' + ''); I can not keep up with TV 【Image】 #MeToo of the world and Japanese opposition did #MeToo difference w Whether the decision to cancel the US-North Korea summit is led by President Bolton [House of Representatives Asset Open] Top Mr. Ozawa 200 million yen Prime Minister Abe 100 million yen Mr. Edano 1.3 million yen Shisei 10 million yen Mr. Tamaki Zero U.S. military aircraft and Chinese army received laser attack and two pilots injured
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