Mr. Tsubasa Yuzawa who earns 100 million yen per second wwww

1 : 2018/05/28 (Monday) 12: 04: 51.70 ID: Migration to Dubai to purchase the room of the highest building in the world "Burj Khalifa" at 250 million yen in bulk purchase assets are actively seeking as investors with nearly 10 billion yen Still, they are married and are also blessed with children's treasures Results of building a house with a 3D printer over 400,000 yen www My father is a day trader, but ... [Genius] Tsubasa-kun "I earned over 1.2 billion yen in virtual currency" Pension organization "Data entry work, round throw (for 536 thousand people)!" World box office revenue of "Lady · Player 1" of Japan elementary rolling, supervised by Spielberg (71)
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