Husband “I earn 15 million annual income” my wife “low”

Women who are considering divorce from dissatisfaction with their husband's work were 12% of the total. Especially at "15 million yen or more", it is 33.3%, which is over 30%. In other annual income it is around 8 to 15% and seems to divorce about 10% regardless of her husband's annual income. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source [The opposite is also true] Marrying lady "Although I say with criticism but people with annual income less than 5 million want a marriage party not to come!" Female, we will form a formation of Japanese national soccer team 【Sad news】 Wai, if you draw a fictitious world map I say with a half laugh at the bride's "Is it fun?" President Putin has been replaced by another ... "The husband who came back home one day was a completely different person" "Hanzo of the Dark" arrested
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