Former tax office section chief “I got 300 million betting tickets or I took tax evasion!”

Former tax office section chief The defendant is the section head of the former tax office. On February 9 during the indictment leave, he was sentenced to imprisonment in June of the Osaka District Court, two years of suspended sentence and a fine of 12 million yen and is under appeal. Municipal personnel office said that "Although it is a position to be a model for taxpayers, it has lost credibility to city hall," he said. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source 【Residue】 Convicted to Hirosuse Suzu brother who is unemployed accident by driving with smoking while drinking alcohol There used to be old age that is something like "The customer is God!" In front of my eyes Wainitto, I resold 80 thousand a month Yai "I do not watch TV, I do not listen to music, I do not read newspapers" [Good news] The difference between the main character TUEEEE which is permitted and the main character TUEEE which is not allowed to be elucidated by a bad guy
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