A civil servant who did not quit his job even after hitting a 300 million betting ticket. I get fired.

Neyagawa-shi, Osaka prefecture, announced the defendant (48) of the city official who was convicted of violating the income tax law, saying that he had evaded about 62 million yen without declaring about 300 million yen put on a horse ticket purchased on the Internet on the 22nd Disciplinary action was dismissed. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180523-00050043-yom-soci 彡 (^) (^) "TOKIO is Saa, Yamaguchi is Saa" Father "When are you going to work?" It turned out that NHK officials had dressed up reception fee collected → → to disciplinary dismissal Nana Noriko is 20 years old, birthday cake is cute! Shinkansen tickets sold cheaply for about 200 yen at the gold certificate shop wwwwww Buddler "I made a lot of money with FX but I will not declare it! W" Buddha "Fuck! I will forgive you (all the guile)"
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