Mr. Wai, a result born between Mama (double) and Pappa (single) wwwwww

1 : Mr. Anonymous @ Opun 2018/05/15 (Tue) 11 : 09: 46 ID: rgd Result Wai single heavy buzz The family of Masma is double and the eyes are patchy, but Wai looks like Pappa The reason for getting married is that it is stabilizing income and papa who cheated mumma by doing his best job hard at the habit of Bush who seems to be nice personality, Mommy "Kotatsu! I bought clothes (polyester fiber) at Shimamura" Wakigawai " Pachinko with wai's mama, pappa creca wwwwwwww Wai, finally succeeded in sorting alphabetic biscuits wwwwww Student Wai "If you discriminate against just one parent, Akan, you will have plenty of trouble with them too" When I was young Wai "Because baldness does not have a regular life, it is bald and it is self-income."
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