Teacher A “Do not go to bed in class” Teacher B “You may want to sleep but you do not have a normal point” Teacher C “Teacher was sleeping as a student w”

1 : Nasting the wind 2018/05/15 (Tuesday) 21: 25: 09.59 ID: L3XjGraa0.net Because I'm limited to classes like C, I do not sleep. Seven high school girls on school excursion in front of Shimbashi station sent emergency services with poor physical condition The identity of the Nintendo Lab will be revealed ...... The kids who played such things are going to ... Wai "This is really wai Ya Kan with ADHD! I got a diagnosis from the hospital!" → Result w w 【Sad news】 My nickname alone at college www Tatsuya Yamaguchi "DASH village, agriculture is bad, it's honest RIYO"
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