Mr. Otake who is from the American football club, criticism against the malicious tackle of Nippon University “blasphemy against sports”

Mr. Otake, "It was the American football club when I was in high school". "As for American football, there are aspects of collision between the body and the body, but it is also true that the aspect of brain warfare including benchwork is large" and "As a result," I will destroy the opponent's QB deliberately "If it reached the tactics of" It's only blasphemy against American football and sports, "he pointed out. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source Mr. Tadahiro Otobu, 20-year-old boyfriend and 2 shot figure skating gold Medal · Zigitowa similar tall beautiful girl A topic that never took up even in that turtle even in all 200 volumes ww Don Yui "Impossible" baseball club "Yeah" at the basketball club "Yes," at the land section "Eh" at the football club "" Great Britain "If you are stupid too much you will never eat British food again" 【One Piece】 Monkey · D · Luffy-san, he was struggling with outrageous monsters
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