The former Communist Party’s parliamentary revelation “There is no human rights or democracy in the Communist Party, I harassed, bullyed, and disturbed until it was removed”

"There were various harassment, bullying, and disturbance by the time the Japanese Communist Party was excluded." "The Communist Party has neither human nor democracy." This is the fact that the former Communist Party Matsuzaki Itabashi Itabashi district revealed on Twitter on Thursday. There were various harassment, bullying, and disturbance before I was withdrawn from the Japanese Communist Party. In each case, we repeated protests and requests from the party, but it was not improved and I was expelled. The Communist Party now has neither human nor democracy. For details → - Matsuzaki Daaru Itabashi ward parliament (itallmatuzaki) May 12, 2018 The Matsuzaki Ward Ward has declared the Japanese Communist Party in December 2016. Although the reason for the removal was "It has withdrawn from the faction", in fact the suspicion that he pursued as the Communist Party district became a trial and the disagreement of the two sides surfaced due to the fact that the party did not support judicial proceedings It is seen. The Matsuzaki Ward criticismfully criticized the one-sided way like the absence trial, and the facebook also discloses the details in detail. Japan Communist Party Tokyo Committee Leadership Division February 10, 2016 Itabashi-ku legislature parliamentary member Mr. Matsuzaki Since February 2014, I have pursued fraud cases discovered at Itabashi-ku firefly ecology environment hall. And in November the same year, a former Itabashi ward official (Mr. A) who is a wrong mastermind ... Posted by Matsuzaki Araru May 12, 2018 (Sat) Facts of the Communist Party revealed one after another * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source What do you think of childish communication such as teasing or messing around? He who is lost is looking at this WWWWWWWWWW 【Sad news】 Korean people in the curling venue, "Yay!" To Japan's failure Constitutional Edo "Simple majority vote is not democracy" Interviewer 'I'm going to hire. I'd like to come see you' Wai "Thank you na!" →→→
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