[Saints] An old man who saved 2.4 million newborns with blood donation of 1,100 times to retire blood donation at the age of 81

Australian 81 - year - old man James Harrison made the last blood donation of his life on 11th this month. The reason why Mr. Harrison saved so many babies' lives lies not in the number of cooperation for blood donation, but in that special blood. Mr. Harrison's blood contains a very rare antibody to make a blood product called "anti-D human immunoglobulin" to protect the baby in the stomach of a pregnant woman. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source http://sp.hazardlab.jp/know/topics/detail/2/4/24774.html The Japanese Red Cross is looking for blood of Love Liver Baby's hair of 5 months old is too busy to talk about Wai residents living in a property with rent of 110,000 for 8 years wwwwwwwwww Staff "Blood donation ask please do" Passerby "..." Staff "Blood donation please!" Passerby "..." Possibility of Mr. Harry Hojic
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