North Korea “Japan, Tae Yee decrease it! Make it affordable seriously!” Outside the mosquito net w

North Korea's Korea Labor Party news agency newspaper Labor newspaper said on Thursday that "Japan is not allowed to discuss the destiny of the Korean Peninsula and the area and peace guarantee issues," in Japan's commentary on personal names, (Korean Peninsula) area is to avoid isolation is to abandon its hostile policy against North Korea (against North Korea). " * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source North Korea "The abduction issue has been resolved" North Korea "I canceled the inter-Korean talks and I would stop the US-North Korea summit meeting" America "Ah, that" [Recently] North Korea · Kim chairman again talks with the Chinese visiting trainee's seat to discuss denuclearization North Korea, "Japan is isolated due to Abe!" Why somehow developed the same tone as Paroyuk and Masumi of Japan President Trump, going to Japan right after the US-North talks
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