Mr. Taiwan dramatized Japan’s era of governance to succumb to the pressure to beautify from China and cease with 2 episodes

1 : Nameless san @ Namida eyes. 2018/05/16 (Wed) 12: 03: 15.32 ID: BE: 878978753 - PLT (12121) Continuous TV drama dealing with the Japanese rule of the year when the Taiwanese commercial television station began broadcasting last week was canceled only by 2 episodes only. Taiwanese newspaper Tuesday 15th, the Free Times reported that the broadcast was canceled considering criticism from China. Okinawa Independent Activist, Okinawa Promotion nomination received a subsidy from the country and claimed Ryukyu independence An unveiling ceremony at the center of Seoul! ← What are you doing when missile launches www www www 【Fujii Quadruple】 Television appearance negotiation with TV industry, Nogizaka 46 as a bait Mr. Tsujimoto "Until now, it was pressure for dialogue, I was glad that it was sticky", the victory declaration Amazon Prime Video Magic's serious weak point disappears
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