Kanagawa Prefectural Police “Attention to dark web” in the darkness of the Internet

Kanagawa Prefectural Police Kaoru Sato of "Deloitte Tohmatsu Risk Service" explained at the lecture, how the leaked information was sold on the dark web. "The dark web with high anonymity is convenient for users who are concerned about privacy, but there are also aspects that they are used for crime, others can be reached relatively easily in young people, so be careful." Said. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source http://mainichi.jp/articles/20180516/ddl/k14/040/140000c 【Virtual currency】 Spill NEM, exchange for 9 billion yen? Suspected money washing via dark web Gates Kun "Virtual currency is as dangerous as it is dead" 【Sad news】 The troubled shame of Anne's diary, the latest technology to be disseminated to the whole world Moe Soshage CM flows → Imagine a voice in a stingy ← This hell. A strange case of unknown meaning that a car of a roundbreaking hangs in a Canadian bridge happens
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