I lived in the Philippines for 2 years I was bothered by the highly selected Philippines 8 things I chose

1 : or less,? The VIP will be sent from Channel Chan 2018/05/16 (Wednesday) 00: 56: 19.413 ID: w0jarXzQ0.net · The temperature inside the room is set cold and cold. Part 1 ☆ Stress index 10% Perhaps a feeling less than 20 degrees set, although there are some normal parts, it is basically cold. When I thought that outside was hot, I thought "Ooo cool ..." and after 5 minutes it will be "I'm going to be such a cold weather so it's going to be cold like this". Is it wrong how to set it, or is there no temperature setting at all? It is cold anyhow. As I go to the casino, I can not continue even if I do not have a coat at about 18 degrees setting. The most friendly countries are Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam 【Gambling addiction】 "Debt over 10 million yen" "Countermeasures for the country for more than half of families getting serious home discord and divorce" 【Sad news】 Mr. Sudo Yuha flower (20), continuing entertainment activities after September WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Harvard University researcher "One day suddenly the day when the universe is over comes, X days may be approaching" Set the air conditioner at 28 ° C! ! ← Come this ...
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