【I knew】 Communist Party “I told you that we are limited to one school in Kyoto prefecture before formal decision” → Kyoto Prefecture “Not to say such a thing”

In October 2016, the vice governor Shuichi Yamanouch of Kyoto Prefecture who met with Kozo Yamamoto (then) in charge of local creation in charge visited Kyoto in October 2016 before the state announced the certification condition of the school corporation " On the 15th, deputy governor Yamauchi told the National Assembly that "One school is accepted only" when requesting the veterinary department of the industrial university, "On the 15th," Minister told the word "1 school" There was no. " According to Yamauchi deputy governor, the visiting time is about 15 minutes, he said he did not keep a record on his own. "It took time to explain the request form. Minister said "It is tough" several times, but I knew that it is not easy to be recognized in the National Strategy Special Zone, so it meant that. I do not think he was urged to give up. " Mr. Shoji Nishida, the House of Councilors of the House of Councilors, was in attendance. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180515-00000030-kyt-l26 Japanese students who headed by bike to "the coldest village in the world" at -67 ° C to safely protect SOS 【Sad news】 Black clover author, despair. The Communist Party proposes unexpected work way reform Voices from inside the opposition party saying "Melting hurts anymore" Tamagi-kun of the private sector "You must change power even though you abandon yourself."
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