Female police “Only you are thinking that my eyes met at an idol concert!”

Minamon ? @ 37mon_ars I went to renewal license from a police officer of the course, "The pedestrian seems to be watching here, so I have not seen it at all, I have not seen it even though my eyes met. With an idol concert. You are the only one who thinks your eyes met! Please keep in mind. It is said, Otaku who is hurt in an unexpected place ... ('; ω; `) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/996356139813036034 【Impact】 If I ran a police officer, I was too cute wwwwwwww Minegishi Minami, denial of the theory of "idol that Yamaguchi Tatsuya had argued" theory 【Ai Tenshi】 Wai's Momo Self Portrait Collection Is it because Japanese civilization is high? Reason why there are few pedestrians who ignore signals in Japan TBS Ukigana, a painful code Geass kitchen ...
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