[Breaking] Kim Jong-un, “Hey what the guy, gonna have in mind has already won. Arrive super suck. Something to say,” Xi Jinping “”

Immediately after the talks with Kim's chairman, the master's seat advised in a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump that "the US hopes to consider reasonable security concerns of North Korea." * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source http://english.joins.com/article/437/241437.html Woman boss "The position of the woman is still weak!" Wai "Just by giving the opportunity, I do not know where I am." Yagami moon "Criminals have to kill ..." ← This 【Hiyi】 Korea government request international organizations to cooperate with North Korea's economic reconstruction [Sad] Abe sends a bouquet to an outrageous place Girls donated "Ozi's Hairstyle" 3 Selections
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