A man who shakes her off on a hood “I did not want Hachihachi to be an oil stuff”

Aichi Prefectural Police arrested and arrested a man (26) in Nishi-ku, Nagoya City on suspicion of murder, as he tried to quarrel over the coffee and quarreled a woman who clinged to the car's bonnet. did. Before the incident, the woman acted Hachiho at the man's house, but he could not afford to say "I am disgusted." A woman quarreled with this as a result, when a man left his home and got on the car, the woman was following him. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASL5J4DRGL5JOIPE00S.html Car shop "Since I changed the oil again I will have a half year to a year" Wai "Thanks and egg!" Germany "There are sausages in my country" Italy "pasta ~" Japan "..." Wai (22) "Bill Soshaghe! W" Youme "My child is also small, stop it!" Taiyo "There was a call from Tatsuya Yamaguchi" Result of eating 1100 g of steak with her on wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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