【Good news】 Anime decision to make new work!

1 : Nameless Mr. @ Opun 2018/05/10 (Thursday) 00 : 24: 23 ID: mk9 Madam Harlem Cheat Yaketake http://hyakuren-anime.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol0Z3J2cx2Y [Good news] The difference between the main character TUEEEE which is permitted and the main character TUEEE which is not allowed to be elucidated by a bad guy Mr. Hirai, I will critically acclaim the songs of Kei Furei 【One Piece】 Zoro "We are not playing the pirates of a brat !!" Kin! ! Shimada Akira is amazing after all An undisputed God animation I have seen so far
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