Anime director “Kabobi … I will catch up with the original … That’s right!”

1 : Nasting the wind 2018/04/22 (Sunday) 18: 07: 38.08 ID: Director A "Dilute Calpis Strategy!" Director B "I'm an anarchy!" Director C "If you abandon it and cease, if the original collection has accumulated and you are still popular, let's think about the second term" Director D "The frame that has already left up is filled with rebroadcast ... 11, 12 story is undecided" ↑ Who is most competent? 【Sad news】 Detective Conan, popular characters are popular and become a hero Anime industry "Help! There is only a low-quality original, you only have to revival old anime!" 【Sad news】 Reality that the animation industry still can not do simple things like making it as original The original author should write a screenplay for animation. 【Spoiler】 I've been watching a new work by Pacific Rim
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