【Sad news】 Female reporter in the tea morning is suffering secondary damage which is exposed on the net name

In a suspicion of sexual harassment by Junichi Fukuda, secretary of the Treasury Department of the Treasury, female reporters of TV Asahi, who accused the victim, were exposed to secondary damage such as being exposed on the net. There is an opinion that the reporter seems to be problematical about providing a part of the recording to the Weekly Shincho, but experts say that the advocacy theory should be protected as a prosecutor by "evidence of sexual harassment rather than interview" It has spread. 【Nakagawa Satoko】 * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://mainichi.jp/articles/20180422/k00/00m/040/029000c Taro Aso, big deal to sexual harassment problem The result of putting out a hand to a girl of a byte ahead www Woman reporter is using a woman as weapon It is unlikely that sexual harassment is sexual harassment as it is likely to be used as a habit of informing information. [Breaking news] Women opposition lawmakers, "MeToo" placards attended with black clothes 【Sexual harassment problem】 Mayor Chiba, justice.
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