I did not have a chari, I got caught if I got a damage report to the police wwww

1 : Mr. Iwase 2018/04/17 (Tue) 01 : 06: 39 ID: nubanuba 217 When I got up in the morning there was no charge, I contacted the police with a theft. When I saw the bicycle parking lot in front of the station on the way home, I was on the same track because it was normal. The police caught up in front of the station and it was stopped with no lights. Stolen damage was discovered from the number, it was caught. I was caught by the damage report I issued. - Mr. Niba (@ nubanuba 217) April 17, 2018 http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Related article document.write('' + ''); President Ikuko Tanioka of the Institute of Science and Technology at the Institute of Science and Technology "Fighting with a man of Fuji TV and minor injury!" → Submit a damage report! President of the university of Fukui Television "catching up and being minor" submitted the damage report Wai's debit card, illegitimately used Doctor gamer, let it go. 【Damn! 】 Takanohana Masakata "(From Octagon president and Ms. Mikiyama parents) I was consulted to withdraw the damage report."
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