Shohei Otani, even if he is a big success in this season even this season, he can only get about 60 million yen.

"This Otani Rule" introduced from last winter as if conscious of Otani who was longing for a major challenge for a long time, Otani of this season, even if it is a big success in this season, an estimated annual salary of 270,000 Only a minimum guarantee amount of well below the yen of 545,000 dollars (about 60 million yen) can be obtained. After waiting for two more years and challenging the major from the age of 25, "It is said that the aggregate amount is 27 million dollars (about 30 billion yen)" contract. " * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source Japanese woman says he is too caught in the game of Otani and he will be warned from the team American baseball boy "Otani bat, please!" Otani "Asezeyo yo w" → 4 minutes later Shohei Otani, timely hit in the first bat! 2 batting: striking 3 bats: rebounding 4 bats: quarter ball [Sad] Darvish, I will make an excuse Taiwanese paper "Shohei Otani was an angel"
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