My sister asked for help without paying the rent even though I got a job

1 : or less,? VIP will be sent from Channel Chan 2018/04/16 (Monday) 03: 11: 55.810 ID: DtKi + It will be like this when a person whose abilities have received only F run is up in Tokyo. 【Impact】 The result of the president's son entering a rich full school university www Pharmacist: "Huh ... I'm bored." ← Annual income 6 million doctors "die, but patients will die even if Wai breaks" ← annual income 10 million How many yen will you give to your parents if you hit 600 million yen in the lottery? Beginning of college students, start cleaning by pacha College friends "Go to Disney! The hotel costs 60,000 yen for 2 nights and 3 days" I "(sentence is good) High from pass" Friends "Just 60 hours byte?
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