Former jump writer “The desire to return to Japan fainter and slower, only bad news”

1 : Nameless san @ Namida eyes. 2018/04/17 (Tue) 09: 18: 23.94 ID: ocETFt + BE: 384148533-PLT (15000) Tamura Yoshiyasu TAMURA Yoshiyasu @ FUDEGAMI 17 hours and 17 hours ago the desire to return to Japan is getting more and more dilapidated Not only the bad news "Women shining society" or "Cool Japan" is not good for women and manga animation Actually, I feel a strong osan smell like "I will use it as we move" as expected (it is personal impression) Tamura Yoshiyasu TAMURA Yoshiyasu @ FUDEGAMI 16 hours 16 hours ago It is a personal question, but if I am married, my wife is willing to recite the educational keynote word by a kindergarten child, or I am strange to use my name I became the principal of the school, I thought that it is divorce normally because it is too bad feeling, because there is a strange money movement due to "unfamiliar place" I am afraid that I am a bit nervous, but I do agree with each other I Tamura Yoshiyasu @ FUDEGAMI 16 hours 16 hours ago Sometimes I go back to Japan, eating rice bowls, ramen or delicious food and seeing my parents and friends and people I'd like to meet Other countries like foreign countries If it is serious but there is a person who wants to stay with you, it would be nice if you would bring it with me if I was told to stay in Japan for a long time Breath seems to be likely (personal comment so it will be troublesome to argue) Manga village administrator, you are frightened of arrest or self defense becomes intense ww Suzuko Mimori (32), show off his love live cosplay Hey guy who wants to approve "Rear Charge Appeal Agency" wwwww 【There is image】 When the latest face of Mr. Atsuko Takeshita is too small face, wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 【There is an image】 Photo at the time Audrey formed wwwwwwww
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