I destroyed 100 million machine tools, but as a result of pushing with “I have not done it with memory” wwwwww

1 : Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2018/04/16 (Monday) 12 : 58: 21 ID: zgE Why was Sakawa former National Tax Agency chief not charged with crimes? Why did this happen? Wai "What is your weight at birth?" Shadow "A ... 2800 g ..." Wai "Phu www wwwwwwww" 【Sad news】 Wai, "islands" can not be read and shame wwwwww [Incompetence] Wai 24 years old New employee, work gets caught by the boss one hour later than part-time workers 【Master】 Amazon enclosure warmth www www This approach is not Egetsu wwwww [Impact] I got a guitar of former curry from the company's junior girls, but it was too terrible wwwwwww
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