Canceling the extremely cold competition on the Otani Daito Day was a degree to not hurt

The newspaper said, "Some players started Otani at Jackie Robinson Day 's live broadcast, so I thought they would have to play, but the show was canceled. This may also be because Otani will throw. If Otani has a temperature of 1 degree and a temperature of minus 8 degrees of body temperature and it is injured by pitching, how can you imagine how the major league organization explains? " * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source Hitoshi Matsumoto "Who is Rothschild?" 【Good news】 Japan Foreign Office website "Korea is the most important neighbor" Deleted Amazon mail order giant Amazon to enter the delivery industry Urawa Reds MF Jeju DF who struck Yuki Abe, suspended for official game for 3 months ← Jeju DF "Most opinions of Urawa side have been accepted and opinion of Jeju side has been little reference!" Korea ← Urawa fought a brawl in the game against Urawa Reds Appealed to AFC for apology and compensation, prevent recurrence against AFC
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