【Small 6 girls bullying suicide】 “If you are in the same class as my daughter …” parents who communicate with the school children who go to school. Harmless children who disappear quietly from the town

"The guardians were concerned about whether or not" she "is in junior high school. I seriously heard the name list and names to be read aloud. What should I do if I become the same class as my daughter. I could not see her, but it may be just an entrance ceremony. "(One of the guardians who attended) * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20180413-00000010-pseven-soci&p=1 Chiba City ends Amami Inamura, the result of starting ball ceremony → It is swallowed by the wave of a baseball boy wwwwwww 【Quick News】 Taro Aso, Finance Minister, announces a press conference at 7:40 pm [Amazing] Two mothers who nursery school found themselves established a nursery school [Sad news] It seems that illegal copies of collective photographs are popular among moms of kindergarten not just in manga village
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