Degawa Tetsuro, a grievance to an instructor girl at a restaurant At first “Before I get it!”

In the theme entitled "Complaint to Youth", Demokawa mentioned "Inst women". While MC's Akashiya Sanma (62) told "I am used to it," Iceawa's tension is rising, "If you can bring me (cooking), we will first receive" First of all, "we are going to have you!" * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source Black girl, Washida Seiichi emphasizes how to use "Ngo" I'm a mirror "I am pretty cool twinkling" I am a picture "Wow ..." Inst: Women's brilliant living Takeshi "I never went to a convenience store" confession 【Soka Muso】 Human Masami and Toshinori Jinnai "R-1 Biggerry" at the First Jury, Other Fumie, Sekine, Hiromi
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