President of the university of Fukui Television “catching up and being minor” submitted the damage report

A 63-year-old president of Sugi-ken University (Aichi-shi, Aichi Prefecture) told the Aichi Prefectural Police that he was injured by Fuji TV's information program mariners in an interview surrounding wrestling women's power harassment problem I knew that I was submitting it on Tuesday. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source Ishibashi Takaaki Boyaki Turns "In leisure time, in a yoga classroom" [Sad news] suspicion suspiciously suspended "Temple gate Jimmon's refusal coverage" Fuji TV "Minoka" "Mecha Ike" has ended ... behind the greatest reorganization ever revealed by Keeman Office appearance Kitano employee TV appearance, pointed out Mori president saw Fuji "Goody!" 【Entertainment】 "Ichike Ike" Nakai luckyly takes 30 million yen once
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