[Sumo] Takanohana master, to the class of demotion lowest under 2 class to the “elderly”

Entangled in the New Year's Day horse Fuji of injury incidents, Takanohana master as such as failing to report obligation to the Sumo Association, became a two-class demotion to "Officer treatment committee" from the "director" in the Council of January 4. Director candidate election in February get elected ran without receiving a boost of Takanohana sept. In practice, it had become the "Committee" is published segregation of duties the day before. A further 2 class demotion from there. 5 after class demotion in the two months or so. Banned in the middle of tournaments was Takashi Kimitoshi one place Harubasho because of the curfew after drew out assault to chaperon has been imposed. You are sure summer wrestling tournament to fall to Makushita become Zenkyu, Nagoya location is a pattern which is a return from Makushita lower or third stage. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180329-00000116-spnannex-spo Elderly Association, to severe punishment request to Takanohana master Takanohana master, accusations like withdrawn Takanohana master, disciple of climate Shun of assault admitted closed on Thursday announced "This can not be an excuse." Takanohana master, go home immediately greeted with "Earth" Takanohana master, submit a complaint form to the Cabinet Office.
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