【Sad news】 Tesla “Model X” Big body accident that it breaks violently and flames so that the front half of the car is gone

【Sad news】 Tesla 【Sad news】 Tesla In Townsville, California, Mountain View, Tesla Model X crashed into the median strip on Route 101, causing an accident involving two nearby cars. Model X is a catastrophe in which the first half of the car is crushed, the battery is fired and the driver dies. https://twitter.com/DeanCSmith/status/977286282991755264 By the way, even when Richard Hammond crashed a large crash on the Amazon Prime Video car tour "Grand Tour", the electric super sports car Rimac Concept One was on fire violently. Even though the fuel is not loaded, the EV battery is no less a mass of energy than gasoline. The EV owner seems to need to understand that if there is a heavy accident, there is a fear of fire as with gasoline cars. * Some excerpts from the link below. Continue at source https://japanese.engadget.com/2018/03/26/model-x-autopilot/ [Video] X Japan is too cool wwwww www [Sad] Yamada Denki "There is no handling of Xboxone X, there is no arrival of another shop!" ASKUL, it is still on fire. [Sad] Fire from a mobile battery at a hospital. Hospital "Do not bring mobile battery with you." "Danger when sleeping on an electric fan" ← this www w
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